Whole Treatment Process:     


Carbon filter
Sand filter
Booster pump

Raw water tank

High pressure pump
R.O.Water Purification System

Security filter

Auto. Inkjet-Printer

Filling     Machine   (Rinsing/Filling/Capping)

Shrink-Wrapping Machine

Label-Shrinking Machine

Pure water tank

Finished  Bottled  Water Warehouse

Bottle blowing machine

Ozone generator

No touch filling techniques and three stage of washing maneuver,

Stage one:

The empty bottles are collected and inspected for any large particles to be removed, then a trained staff start to hand cleaning the bottles one by one, andplace it in a dry area.

Stage two:

After that, the bottles are placed in a special washing machine with both in and out power of cleaning,

Stage three:

 passing through a long strip to the filling machine, and yet to be washed again for the third time, before it finally filled up with  ozone treated water.


Water Treatment Systems for Drinking Water.

  • Filtration Systems
  1. Media Filtration
  2. Membrane Filtration
  3. Filtration Cartridges
  4. Hybrid Filtration Systems


  • Disinfection Systems
  1. Combined filtration and disinfection systems
  2. Disinfection systems
  3. DE chlorination system


  • Ion Exchange, water softening and sorption systems.
  1. Ion exchange systems
  2. Activated Carbone systems
  3. Innovative mixtures for removing dissolved metals


  • Portable water treatment systems
  • Bottled water
  • Treatment systems for producing Ultrapure water

Wastewater Treatment Systems

  1. Physical-chemical processes
  2. Biological Methods

Analytical Methods For Water and Wastewater Quality Analysis.

Current and Future Developments. 

General treatment of drinking water takes place in several steps to remove dissolved and suspended solids.

  • The process for suspended solid removal are:
  1. Flocculation
  2. Sedimentation
  3. Media filtration
  • The process for dissolved solids removal are:
  1. Ion exchange
  2. Carbone adsorption
  3. Membrane process
  • Disinfection steps often achieved by
  1. Chlorination
  2. Ozonation
  3. Ultraviolet
  • Drinking water is obtained either from Surface or Ground water.

The main concerns with Surface water aquifers are SUSPENDED SOLIDS&ORGANIC MATTER. Therefore, presedmintation , coagulation ,coarse filtration are generally used, followed by disinfection.

The main concerns with Ground water aquifers are the presence of DISSOLVED CONTAMINANTS such as Salts, organics or grasses.