Life on earth, human life, and the life of the animal, and plant life, force of water, Water is the only mediator who carries salts, and the decadent food to the organism, but not what was water on the face of the earth life.

In 1979, the idea of ​​establishing a factory began Kawthar thus be one of the first factories in the world of water and to be the main source of security and for desalination and disinfection of drinking water of the highest standards and principles in the region, using the latest technologies and global services.

Increase the production lines
Industrial Zone
Delivery of unpacked treated water
alKawthar water bottles of high quality and elegant shape
It's the first in the market to care and provide the healthy bottled water with high quality and taste that match our valued customer needs and expectations.

It's the one who use only pure (not recycled) bottle of high quality, standard and cost.
AL-KAWTHER has completed an extensive research and development programed for the application of reverse osmosis in desalination plants. AL-KAWTHE R is the first 100% Saudi owned company to be able to offer complete installations on a turnkey basis.